Advanced Cloud Mining

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Active Hashpower610.0090 PH/s
Available Hashpower700.000 PH/s
Site uptime30 days
Paid out
Bitcoin Price6477.62 USD
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100% Mining Power

Get what you pay for. We won't take a percentage of your hashing power off you when you purchase. You will receive exactly what you pay for. No fees. No maintenance. No deductions.

Powered by Antminer

ADVMINING is powered by a large variety of Antminer Bitcoin mining hardware. The leading provider of Bitcoin mining hardware.

Bitcoin payouts

Here at ADVMINING we only accept Bitcoin for payments and we only pay out in Bitcoin. Payouts are easy to create in your user panel.


Unique features

100 GH/sFree Hashpower
07%Earn up to 07% on your affiliate users
Instant payoutsWithdraw every 24 hours!
0% FeesWe don't charge fees for withdrawing
Get StartedGet 100 GH/s for free just for signing up
Our miner

How Advanced Mining works

Mining with ADVMINING is easy. All you need to do is purchase the amount of mining power you require and we do the rest. With instant setup you will be mining Bitcoin in next to no time. All of the hard work is done by our highly skilled Technicians.

Bitmain Antminer
Certificate and Company license

100% Bitcoin. 100% Advanced Mining.

We don't like things to be hard here at ADVMINING. That is why we decided to make ADVMINING noob friendly. We cater for anyone. Little knowledge of Bitcoin? Not a problem.

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